Customize Your Gun or Rifle

We offer Cerakoting services in Hamilton, MT

Are you looking for a way to protect your gun or rifle while improving its appearance? Rocky Mountain Custom Coating offers Cerakoting services in Hamilton, MT. We will spray a thin layer of protectant on your weapon to maintain its beauty and function. We have hundreds of colors to choose from, as well as clear coat options and a variety of textures.

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5 long-lasting benefits of Cerakote

5 long-lasting benefits of Cerakote

Cerakote offers numerous benefits for your weapon. This coating can:

  1. Protect it from scratches and abrasions
  2. Provide corrosion resistance
  3. Provide impact resistance
  4. Offer a high chemical resistance
  5. Create a high-end look

Cerakote can also be used for car headers, manifolds, exhaust covers or anything else that’s exposed to high temperatures. Learn more about our Cerakoting services in Hamilton, MT by contacting Rocky Mountain Custom Coating today.