Refinish Your Metal Objects

Refinish Your Metal Objects

Contact us for custom powder coating in Hamilton, MT

Do you own a metallic object that needs to be resurfaced or refinished? Rocky Mountain Custom Coating offers custom powder coating services in Hamilton, MT. We can powder coat anything metallic, including wheels, bumpers, railings and much more.

We offer more than 6,500 different color options for powder coatings. Call 406-363-9191 today to learn more about custom powder coating in Hamilton, MT.

We’ll help you understand the powder coating process

We take time to treat your item with care and ensure it has a lasting finish. Our powder coating is scratch and chip resistant. The process involves:

  • Cleaning off any old paint
  • Sandblasting the item to create a rough surface
  • Prepping the surface for application
  • Powder coating the object
  • Grounding the object for good coverage
  • Baking the coating into the metal surface

Protect your metal by contacting Rocky Mountain Custom Coating today for powder coating services in Hamilton, MT.